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Vision of the Department: 

  • The Department endeavors to become Centre of Excellence in Armaments/Combat vehicles, Marine engineering, Robotics, and Mechanical Systems Design.

  • To provide education and training to the stakeholders with the state of the art technology in Armament /Combat Vehicles, Marine Engineering, Robotics, and Mechanical Systems Design through PG / Ph.D. programmes. 

Mission of the Department: 

  • Mission of the Department:

  • To impart advanced training, update knowledge, and skillset required for design, development, production, quality assurance, and inspection of equipment to Tri-Service officers and civilian students.

  • The interdisciplinary approach towards advances in Combat Vehicle Technology, Armament Engineering and Marine Engineering, Robotics, and Mechanical Systems Design.

  • Developing skillset required for R&D, Design, and production of efficient and economical Armament, Combat Vehicles, Marine Systems, Robotics, and Mechanical Systems Design for Indian Armed Forces.

History and Growth of the Department

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (Deemed University), Pune, consisting of nine Departments and three Schools at present imparting education, training, research, and development with an emphasis on defence technology. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the important departments in the Institute since 1976. Presently, the department is offering unique, specialized programmes in the country, namely Armament and Combat Vehicle (ACV), Marine, Robotics, and Mechanical System Design (MSD) at the Post Graduate level besides Ph.D. and Master of Science (By Research) programmes. These programmes are open for all students under sponsored (DRDO, DPSUs, Industry, and Tri-services, etc.) and general categories. The placement history of our M Tech students is at par with that of premier Institutes/Universities within the country. The department covers various mechanical engineering disciplines and reaches out to diverse application areas, including armaments, combat vehicles, marine engineering, space, control, and many others. The department has many highly qualified and reputed faculty strengths and has exposure with a broad experience in various research areas. Such as Composite materials/structures, Impact dynamics of composite structures, Repairing technology and Life assessment of composite structures, Mechanical behavior of materials for Defense applications, High-speed machining/green machining of aerospace materials, CFD, Two-Phase Flow, Vehicle dynamics and Condition monitoring, etc. The department is well equipped with high-end research facilities, such as a miniature gas turbine test facility, PIV system, High-Performance Computing facility in mechanical system design and analysis. The department possessed many latest licensed version software on modelling, analysis, and design of components/parts/sub-assembly/structures, machines, mechanisms, etc. In the past and most recently, the department has completed/continuing many outstanding research and development sponsored projects funded by various Government agencies with importance to defense such as CFD analysis of the HP turbine of Kaveri engine, FE analysis of the suspension system of ICV Abhay, and Iong range mortar (120 mm), etc. The department is also aiming to carry out R & D projects on Ballistic Penetration of Armour materials, Design and Development of Spar Wingskin Joint for Integral Structural Construction of Aircraft wings and Development of nano-filler (NF)/polymer composites for armour applications, etc. The Department is actively contributing to the Institute’s overall academic growth and development in terms of administration. For the last many years, the department has almost 25 percent of the Institute student strength. 


  • M.Tech (Armament and Combat Vehicles) has been accredited for 6 years by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
  • M.Tech (Marine Engineering) has been accredited for 6 years by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
  • First batch of M.Tech programme with a specialisation in Robotics have passed out and were awarded degrees during 9th convocation held on 28th May, 2017.
  • New M.Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Mechanical System Design has been started from 2016-17 academic year.
  • Master of Science by Research programme has been restarted from the academic year 2016-17.

If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved.

― Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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