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Research Areas

Research Area
Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Joint Structures
Bonded Patch repair for damaged FRP composite structures
Fracture Mechanics
Micromanufacturing/Micromachining of “Difficult to cutmaterials” Surface Engineering. Additive Manufacturing
Strain-rate dependent deformation Behavior of Materials for Defence Applications.
Nano/Micro Mechanical Behavior of Wear Resistant/Abradable Coatings, micro/ nanostructures for Defence Applications.
Contact Mechanics Phenomenon in reciprocating hydraulic Seals in Defence applications
Vibration Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Experimental study of explosive storage/ hardened structures under blast loading
Robot navigation
Internet of drone things
Automation and drive control system design
Actuators and control
Active & Passive flow separation control
Two Phase flow
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Engineering Fluid Flows
Heat Transfer & fluid dynamics
Manufacturing Consideration in Design
Fabrication, Characterization and Processing of Composite Materials.
High speed machining/green machining of aerospace materials, Precision Robotic Welding of Aerospace Materials.
Analysis and Design of Composite Structures
Design and analysis of blast protection devices such as blast valves, blast doors etc.
Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) simulation of blast resistant structures
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Sponsored R & D Projects

  1. Technology development for cleaning of gun barrel: Rs. 5 Lakhs – DIAT (2013-2014)

  2. Optimisation of skin and rib (spar) stiffness for an optimum performance of co-cured Spar Wingskin Joints (SWJ) in pull off mode: (2014-2016) funded by ARDB (Co PI – Dr Sunil Nimje)

  3. Launcher pod with optimized weight and configuration using non-linear finite element analysis (2014-2015) funded by ARMREB

  4. Non-linear finite element analysis of armoured amphibious dozer (AAD) hull: 10 Lacs (2015-17) (Co PI – Dr Sunil Nimje)

  5. Non linear finite element analysis of composite valve (trunnion type), Continuing

  6. Numerical and Experimental study of an Al-Li alloy based MMCs for skin and stringers of an aircraft fuselage structure (ARDB)

  7. Surface integrity studies during Milling of Aluminium- Lithium alloys used in aerospace applications for improved functional performance.

  8. Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Formability of Thin Metal Foils in Micro Forming for Aerospace Applications

  9. A Research Project on ‘Numerical Modeling of Tribological characteristics of high pressure reciprocating hydraulic seals subjected to shock loading’ funded by R&DE(Engrs), Pune.

  10. Design and Development of low cost High velocity gas gun to investigate high strain rate deformation behavior of materials for Defence application funded by DIAT(DU), Pune.

  11. Numerical investigation of penetration characteristics of preformed fragments at various obliquity angles and the development of software for prediction of spatial distribution of preformed fragments from a Directional Fragment Generator Warhead (FGW) funded by ARMREB (DRDO)

  12. Numerical & Experimental Investigation of Additively Manufactured Aircraft wing components using carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite material by ARDB (Dr DG Thakur & Dr S Chandel).

  13. CFD Analysis of Ejection Seat System of an Aircraft by ARDB (Dr S Chandel & Dr DG Thakur).

  14. Study of an Air Lift System for Vertical Transport of Sea Water Nodule Slurry by MoES (Dr S Chandel & Dr DG Thakur).


  • Bearing Fault Detector. Application No. 201621003344. The Patent Office Journal, India. 2016 May 27: 20909 (Inventors – Panigrahi, S.K. and Tyagi, S.,. doi: 6084/m9.figsm hare.4753606. v2.

  • Robotic gripper with over constrained linkages (201911048961) – (Inventors – Esha Chakraborty and A. Kumaraswamy)

  • A Composition for manufacturing a building material (201911049518)- (Inventors – P.K.Mehta and A.Kumaraswamy)

  • Active anti vibration mounts for heavy machineries (Inventors- Anand Rengaraj and A.Kumaraswamy).

  • Device and Process of Making Nano-particle Drug Complexes”, Patent No 384046 dated 10/12/2021 (Inventors - Bhave TM, Bodos, D., Kumar, NV, Sahare, SH and Chandel, S.)

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