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Dr. Sunil Nimje

Dr. Sunil Nimje

Associate Professor
Program coordinator (MSD)

Sunil Nimje is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of mechanical engineering at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (Deemed To be University), Pune, India. He obtained his B.E. degree in mechanical engineering from Nagpur University India in 2000. He received an M.Tech degree in Mechanical System Design from IIT, Kharagpur in 2009, and Ph.D. in 2016 from DIAT, Pune. He has been a Scientist for Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) during 2002-2009. At DRDO, he was associated with the design and development of fuzes and safety arming mechanisms for various submunitions. He has also been an Engineer at G.E India Technology Centre, Bangalore (2010). He joined the faculty of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology in the year 2010.  His research areas are functionally graded structures, adhesively bonded joints, damages in FRP composite structures, and composite patch repair for damaged metallic/composite structures.  His teaching areas include composite structures and fatigue, fracture, and failure analysis.   He is a life member of Indian society for theoretical and applied mechanics. He has written more than 35 papers in international journals and conferences. His research has been funded by the Aeronautics Research and Development Board (ARDB).



  • 2016 Ph.D   (Mechanical Engineering)- DIAT (DU), Pune

  • 2009 M.Tech (Mechanical System Design) – IIT, Kharagpur

  • 2000 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)- Nagpur University

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • DIAT (DU),Pune -  Asst. Professor- 12 July 2010 to till date

  • G.E India Tech Centre, Bangalore- Engineer- 29 Dec 2009 to 09 July 2010

  • Lecturer- MIT College of Engineering, Pune- Aug 2009 to Dec 2009

  • Scientist ‘B (DRDO-ARDE, Pune) June 2002 to July 2009

Research Domains:

  • Analysis and Design of Composite Structures

  • Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Joint Structures

  • Bonded Patch repair for damaged FRP composite structures

  • Fracture Mechanics

Specific Projects:

  • Analysis and Design of 3D printed Automobile Leaf Spring

  • Optimization of skin and rib (spar) stiffness for optimum co-cured Spar Wing Skin Joint (SWJ) performance in a pull-off mode.

  • Non-linear finite element analysis of armored amphibious dozer hull

  • Design and Development of Fuze Direct Action/ Self Destruction (DA/SD) for Non-Spinning Sub munitions.

  • Repair Substantiation of Rotating Inter-stage Seal Teeth of High-Pressure Turbine Rotor

Research Collaborations:

  • R &D (Engineers), Pune

  • ARDE,  Pune

  • HEMRL, Pune

  • IIT, Indore

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

  • Design and Analysis of Adhesively bonded patch repair for Damage FRP Composites- Ongoing

  • Balance and Control of  Biped Robotic System- Ongoing

M.Tech Dissertation Supervision:

  • Design and Analysis of Missile Launcher Mechanisms (2020)-Completed

  • Evaluation of Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Materials for Shock Isolation(2020)-Completed

  • Design & Analysis of 6.8 × 43 mm Carbine(2020)- Completed

  • Design and Analysis of  Large Calibre Shell and its Driving Band (2020)-Completed

  • Functionally Graded Material Coating for Armament Applications (2020)- Completed

  • Design of Elastomer Based Shock Isolation System for a Cylindrical Object Subjected to Space constraint (2020)- Completed

  • Bilge Monitoring System Onboard Indian Naval Ships (2020)-Completed

  • Numerical Analysis of Debond Onset and Growth in Adhesively Bonded Composite Joints(2019)- Completed

  • Design of Sliding Door Operating Mechanism for Internal Weapon Bay (2019)- Completed

  • Modeling and Simulation of Nylon Liner Shaped Charge Jets to Assess its Effectiveness against Aluminum Alloy Targets (2019)- Completed

  • Failure Analysis of Plate Type Heat Exchangers using CFD Analysis (2019)-Completed

  • Simulation Of Penetration Dynamics Of Fin Stabilized Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) On To Rolled Homogenous Armour (RHA) (2019)-Completed

  • Stress Analysis of Composite π Joint Under Tensile Load (2019)-Completed

  • Numerical Simulation of Impact Induced Damage and Delamination in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites (2018)-Completed

  • Topology Optimization And Manufacturing Aspects For Hull Structure Of Wheeled Combat Vehicle (2018)-Completed

  • Failure Analysis of Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Tubular Joint Subjected to Different Combinations of Loading (2018)-Completed

  • Failure Analysis of Circular Composite Patch Adhesively Bonded on Damaged CFRP Panel (2018)-Completed

  • Damage Propagation in Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Double Lap Joint in Laminated FRP Composites (2018)-Completed

  • Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Made up of Composite Material (2018)-Completed

  • Optimization Of Space Craft And Satellite Antenna Reflector Made Of Sandwiched Aluminium Honeycomb and Composite (2017)-Completed

  • Superhydrophobic Coating for Ship’s Underwater Hull (2016)-Completed

  • Numerical Analysis Of Adhesively Bonded Joints Subjected ToThermo-Mechanical Loading (2015)-Completed

  • Epoxy Composites of Advanced Nanofibrils for Defence Applications (2015)-Completed

  • Response Of Missile Launching Platform To Random Vibrations During Transportation (2014)-Completed

  • Effect  of the vent ( blast chimney)  on  underbelly  blast resistance  of  mine-protected  vehicle (2014)-Completed

  • Numerical Simulation of an Armoured Vehicle Hull Subjected to Impact Loads (2014)-Completed

  • Feasibility study of Composite Structure with Integral Armour for AFV (ICV-Abhay) (2013)-Completed

  • Concept Study of Mk 82 Bomb Made of Composites for Reduced Collateral Damage (2012)-Completed

Research Publications:

Journal Articles:

In 2013

  • C Dey, SV Nimje. Numerical Study on Response of Sandwich Plate with Tetrahedral Truss Core. International Journal of Applied Sciences and Engineering research. 2013; Vol 2, No. 3, pp 290-302.

In 2014

  • S V Nimje, SK Panigrahi. Numerical Simulation for Stress and Failure of Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Tee Joint of Laminated FRP Composite Plates.  International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. 2014 (48), 139-149.

  • C Dey, SV Nimje. Experimental and numerical study on response of sandwich plate subjected to blast load. Journal of Experimental Techniques. 2014; pp 1-11.

  • S. Kanja, M Tirumali, SV Nimje. Study on Replacement of steel body with Composite body of Mk 82 Bomb for reduction of Collateral Damage. MILIT Journal. 2014; Paper No. M19; pp 37-43.

In  2015

  • S V Nimje and S K Panigrahi. Interfacial Failure Analysis of Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Double Supported Tee Joint of Laminated FRP Composite Plates. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. 2015 (58), 70-79.

  • SV Nimje and SK Panigrahi. Design and Analysis of Functionally  Graded  Bonded Double Supported Tee Joint under varied loading. Journal of  Adhesion Science and Technology. 2015; 29(18):1951-1970.

  • Balasubramanian K, Navdeep Manhas, SV Nimje. High-Performance Eco-friendly Nanofillers from Palm Fibers. Journal of Material science and Mechanical Engineering. 2015; 2(1): 48-53.

  • Navdeep Manhasa, Balasubramanian K, Prajith Pc, Prashant Rule, S.V. Nimje. PCL/PVA nanoencapsulating reinforcing fillers of steam exploded/autoclaved cellulose nano-fibrils for tissue engineering applications. RSC Advances.  2015; 5, pp 23999-24008.

  • Jamdade Sarang, Nimje SV, Balasubramanian K. Hydrophobic Hierarchical Structures- Anti Corrosive Coating. Journal of Material science and Mechanical Engineering. 2015; 2(13): 45-49.

In  2016

  • Nimje SV and Panigrahi SK. Effects of functionally graded adhesive on failures of socket joint of laminated FRP composite tubes. International Journal of Damage Mechanics. 2016; 26(8):1170-1189.

In  2017

  • Nimje SV and Panigrahi SK. Strain energy release rate based damage analysis of functionally graded adhesively bonded tubular lap joint of laminated FRP composites. The journal of adhesion.2017; 93(5): 389-411.

  • Nimje SV and Panigrahi SK. Stress and failure analyses of functionally graded adhesively bonded joints of laminated FRP Composite Plates and Tubes: A critical review. Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. 2017; 5(2):162-194.

In  2019

In  2020

  • Rakshe S, Nimje SV, Panigrahi SK. Optimization of Adhesively Bonded Spar-Wingskin Joints of Laminated FRP Composites Subjected to Pull-Off Load: A Critical Review. Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. 2020; 8(1): 29-46


Book Chapters:

In 2018

  • Nimje SV, Panigrahi SK. Stress and Failure Analyses of Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Joints of Laminated FRP Composite Plates and Tubes: A Critical Review. “Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives” Edited by K.L. Mittal, Scrivener Publishing LLC, 2018. Pp. 155-184.

In 2019

  • Gharade S, Surendren A, Korde J, Saini S, Deoray N, Goud R, Nimje S, Balsubramanian K. Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Bioinspired Materials. “Biomanufacturing” Edited by Chander Prakash, M.S Uddin. Springer Publisher, 2018. pp. 35-68.

  • Gharade S, Surendren A, Korde J, Saini S, Deoray N, Goud R, Nimje S, Balsubramanian K. Aggrandized flexural properties of assorted natural biological materials. “Biodegradable Composites” Edited by Kaushik Kumar and J. Paulo Davim, DE Gruyter Publisher, 2018. pp. 35-68.

In 2020

  • Nimje SV, Panigrahi SK. Damage Behaviour in Functionally Graded Structural Adhesive Joints with  Double Lap Joint Configuration. “Structural Adhesive Joints; Design, Analysis, and Testing.” Edited by K.L. Mittal and S.K. Panigrahi. Scrivener Publishing LLC, 2020. Pp.221-246.

Invited Talks

  • Invited Talk  on Damage Analyses on Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded  Out-of-plane Joints of laminated FRP Composite plates and tubes; 18 Aug 2017, Amity University , Mumbai.

  • Invited as Preliminary Design Review Member for RDPS Warhead for Pralay Missile System on 20 Mar 2017 at ARDE, Pune.

Awards/Scholastic Achievements:

  • Secured Third Rank in M.Tech (Mechanical System Design) from IIT, Kharagpur, 2009.

  • Best Paper Award for Paper titled “Numerical Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Joints subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loading” at ICONSTEM-2015, Chennai.

Workshops/Conferences Organized:

  • CEP on Advanced Finite Element Analysis- Theory and Practice: 25-29 July 2011.

  • Two Day Workshop on FEA & CFD using ANSYS: 22nd -23rd September 2016

  • Two Day Workshop on LS-DYNA: 1-2 Sept 2016

  • One Day Workshop on FE-SAFE, ISIGHT & TOSCA: 29 Aug 2016

  • Two days workshop on’ MSC Adams’: 24-25th Aug 2016

  • One Week Hands-on Robotics Workshop in collaboration with  NOVATECH ROBO, Bangalore- 28th August- 1st September 2017

  • 4th National Conference and Mini Project Exhibition-Cum-Competition on Advances in Mechanical Engineering & Technology: 29-30 Mar 2018

  • Two days workshop on ‘ Fatigue and Fracture of Materials using MSC Fatigue and Marc’: 5-6 Mar 2018

  • Two-day workshop on ‘Solidworks’: 5th-6th February 2018

  • One week CEP on Computational Methods on Solids and Fluids: 01-05 April 2019

  • Short Term Programme on Technology and Design of Fuzes for IOFS Officers: 22 July -02 Aug 2019

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